Our Industries

What’s construction? What’s property Services?

Whether you live in a big city, a regional centre, or a small town, you’re surrounded by the construction and property services industries but you’ve probably never stopped to think about it.

The Building and Construction Industry

When people hear the words “building” or “construction” they immediately think of carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, and maybe electricians. Ask them to identify more careers and they start to struggle; that’s why the “finishing trades” or the “wet trades” are likely to be in short supply in 2014-15.  The industry needs painters and decorators, plasterers, tilers, interior designers, carpet layers, locksmiths, and many others.Another misconception is that it all happens on construction sites.  There’s “off-site” construction – workshops that specialise in framing, roof trusses, windows and doors, stairs, shopfitting, signwriting etc.

The Property Services Industry

And then there are the property services industries, some of our best-kept secrets. Think about your local shopping centre or shopping mall. Once construction is finished, someone has to find tenants for the vacant shops and manage the leases. Someone has to clean the floors, rest-rooms, windows etc.  To protect the public there are security staff, fire alarms and sprinkler systems.  With food outlets comes the need to control pests, and manage waste. Since most malls go through refurbishment and extensions sooner or later, its back to the architects and the cycle begins again

Whether it’s a trade, technical or professional career, the Construction and Property Services industries have a lot to offer.