This is where you can read the success stories of people working in the construction and property services industries.

These are real stories from real people. Enjoy!

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Mark's Story

Mark is a multi trade-qualified young man who completed both a plumbing and sprinkler fitter apprenticeships....Read more.

Warwick's Story

Warwick started his career as a apprentice Sprinkler Pipe Fitter, he is now a successful owner and manager of his own company....Read more.

Shaun's Story

Shaun has now furthered his career in waste to a customer service representative within the Liquid waste area....Read more.

Janine's Story

Janine owns a large multi disciplined Fire Protection business in Brisbane and has won a number of Building and Construction Industry Awards for Training and “women in construction”....Read more.

Amy's Story

Amy certainly does not consider being a female a barrier to success, and believe that showing initiative and motivation is the real key to success....Read more.

Matt's Story

Matt started as everybody else would by getting signed up as an apprentice and working hard to learn the trade and earn the money. He is now  an estimator/site supervisor....Read more.

Samudra's Story

Samudra started surveying in underground mining as a trainee, progressing up from the job of site labourer. His job has taken him all over the world and including a surveying role at the London Aquatics Centre, swimming venue for the 2012 Olympics.....Read more.

Susie's Story

Susie is a partner in an small business and 15 months ago she started an apprenticeship in bricklaying....Read more.

Mathew's Story

Mathew always wanted to be a to be in the building trade so when he got offered his bricklaying apprenticeship he grabbed it with both hands and has never looked back....Read more.

Allen's Story

Allen enterd the industry as a tradesman and experience at hands on level, and then continue to a design, project management and now product managemen....Read more