Women in Digital Leadership Summit 2016

  • Date:28-Jan-2016
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The Women in Digital Leadership Summit 2016 is the opportunity for existing and emerging leaders to take hold of their leadership goals.

This unique forum will be an opportunity to learn from the experience of successful executive women through their inspirational career stories and leadership insights. Both technical and leadership skills will be addressed and participants will leave the conference equipped with ideas and strategies to effectively lead in the digital world. Register team members early to secure places at this outstanding event!

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Featuring 7 Exclusive Case Studies

What do you know now that you wish you had known then? 

This is the question we have posed to some of the most senior women in digital. These inspirational senior executive women will reflect on their career journeys – the challenges they have faced, the opportunities they have seized and the lessons they have learnt, to impart advice to women aspiring to achieve professional and personal success.

  • “Taking the lead: Progression in an ever-changing environment” Renee Gamble Country Manager, ANZ Google for Work
  • “Don’t hold back - Maximise your opportunities for progression” Faye Ilhan Chief Digital Officer Dan Murphy’s
  • “Take control – Identify and leverage opportunities” Leanne Fry Former Chief Digital Officer Fair Work Ombudsman
  • “A Journey to the Top in the Digital Sphere” Jane Huxley Managing Director Pandora, Internet Radio
  • “Communication is the key to successful leadership”  Mary Murphy Chief Digital Officer First State Super
  • “Without goals, we cannot realise our potential” Jenny Lee-Koksal Chief Marketing and Digital Officer Prime Financial Group
  • “Nurture your team and reap the benefits” Sue Carter Head of Digital Business Strategy Australian Associated Press                                                                                                                           
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