About Us

The Objectives of the Project

The information hub is intended to enhance education, promotion, recruitment, retention and career progression for women in the construction and property services industries. It will be a first point of contact for women in industry to network, find information about the industry, find out about events, share like experiences, apply for industry awards and to meet ambassadors in the industry. 

The hub will initially focus on women in the construction and property services industries, with the potential to expand to other industries in the future.

Industry Women Central will continue to develop world-wide partners and networks for the benefit of women and non-traditional industries. If you would like to partner with Industry Women Central, or require our assistance please email iwc@cpsisc.com.au

Individual Benefits

  • Women will develop resilience and communication Skills to thrive in a non-traditional environment;
  • Visibility and promotion of women who are aspiring, emerging or elite leaders.
  • Reliable connections to mentors and coordinated mentor programs to promote development and engagement;
  • A website for career planning, skills training, vacancies, leadership programs, industry specific events and award opportunities;
  • Speaking and media opportunities.


Buildmore initiated the Women into Building Housing Showcase www.womenintobuilding.com.au in August 2009. The aim of the Project was to elevate awareness and acceptance of women carving out successful careers in the building and construction industries and to inspire more women to consider the building and construction industries as a career of choice.

It was the first time a project of this scale has been completed by a primarily female team in Australia. Women were able to network and build links with established women in the industry. Mentoring was a strong element of the project with young participants receiving first hand guidance and encouragement from key figures in the building industry.

Still images and videos compiled during the design and construction of the house were distributed nationally to career advisors and schools. As a result of the unprecedented media coverage there was a significant response from women and businesses across the nation seeking information. The level of interest generated through the Women into Building website was of concern, with the community and industry identifying Buildmore as advocates, fielding broad enquiries from far and wide on a daily basis and at a growing rate that was proving consistent.

It became evident that there was an urgent need for women across the nation, no matter how remote, to have access to the information they require and perhaps offer information on organisations that are seeking to promote gender diversity as part of their core values.

On completion of the WIB initiative one of the outcomes was the creation of a national website that would cater directly to the needs of women in the industries and businesses wanting to embrace gender diversity in the workplace.

Industry Women Central is an online information resource aimed at engaging with Industry and women across Australia. This site will operate as a central hub, providing a portal for women considering the industries as a career destination, or women within the industries seeking career advancement opportunities. The resource will initially focus on women and the construction and property services industries with the ability to extend to other industries such as (e.g. mining and energy, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry.)