The IWC Team

Jeanette Singline - Business Manager, The Buildmore Group and Project Manager, IWC

Jeanette is deeply passionate about building, the environment and women in construction and her commitment to hard work and campaigning for what she believes in is evident in all she has achieved over the past 13 years.

Today she is not only the Business Manager of Buildmore, a multi award winning building company and their latest business ThermaDoor Garage Door Insulation, she is also the Project Manager of Industry Women Central, an information hub established to break down the barriers for women in the construction and property services industries. 

In 2009, Jeanette played an instrumental role in Buildmore’s hugely successful Women into Building Housing Showcase. The Sunshine Coast-based project, which saw a small lot home designed, supplied and constructed primarily by women, has since lead to the establishment of a government funded, online education hub called Industry Women Central.

As Project Manager for Industry Women Central, Jeanette is all about connecting women with all of the information, tools and support they need to consider and carve out a successful career in the building and construction industries. Women play an integral role in the building and construction industry and Jeanette encourages any woman who is considering the building and construction industry as career destination to get in touch with her at Buildmore or any one of Industry Women Central’s partners. 

Qualifications: Cert IV Real Estate, Diploma in Business
Interests: Travel, Mountain Bike Riding, Reading, Cooking


CPSISC is committed to our equity agenda and the promotion of participation of women in the construction and property services industries.

CPSISC was in involved in the Buildmore Women Into Building Housing Showcase on the Sunshine Coast as a sponsor.

CPSISC played an essential role into getting the Industry Women Central project up and running.

Heidi Carmona - Marketing Manager, CPSISC and Project Manager, IWC

Heidi has worked with CPSISC since its formation in 2004.  She was originally employed as the Administration Assistant, and then worked as the Office Manager before focusing solely on marketing.

She has many years of experience working in marketing and communications, and currently manages CPSISC public relations, newsletters, websites, product sales and events.  

Heidi currently manages the Industry Women Central (IWC) Project with Jeanette Singline from the Buildmore Group.

Heidi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing majoring in Advertising / Marketing from the University of Canberra, and is currently studying a Graduate Certificate of Social Media and Digital Engagement.

Interests: Reading, writing, travel, basketball, fostering dogs.

Viviana Parish - Careers and Marketing & Project Support, CPSISC

Viviana commenced working at CPSISC as an assistant in the Career Development program.

Through a traineeship she completed Certificates IV in Business.

She is now also working with the Marketing Manager to promote CPSISC and its services and is continuing to develop her administration and design skills whilst completing a Certificate IV in Marketing.

Interests: Travelling, pugs, running, fashions on the field.