Awards Programs FAQ

An Awards process brings a wide range of business leaders and professionals together as finalists, judges, sponsors, supporters and participants; offering a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded industry professionals to expand your networks.

As an Awards Nominee, an Awards process encourages you to consider your career journey thus far. To reflect with honesty and humility on your past, present and future career experiences and achievements. It also provides you with an in-depth self-appraisal and affirmation of your successes.

Awards Programs are so much more than just nominating yourself or an inspirational colleague.

The Awards Committee

First a committee has to be formed, with individuals who have the skills that accentuate each other’s interpersonal skills and confidence to liaise with cross sector partners and peers on a broad scale.

Promotion of Awards Program

Marketing is the engine room of what makes an Awards Program an all-round winner. Organisers develop key insight and participation in ‘crowd sourcing’.


Network expansion can be exponential, dependent upon that role has led to your attendance and how much you interact with those around you.


Nominating an award for yourself is an inward and backward micro analysis of your skills, your methods, your core values, your aspirations and more. You will also discover areas in your work life balance and career path that may be at odds. Learning new insights about yourself is a timely and motivating was of redefining your areas of focus. Importantly, you will also experience self-appraisal, reinforced affirmation and celebration of your achievements.

Nominating an Individual

By nominating someone else, you are recognising what might be little known accomplishments of a quiet achiever or encouraging an enthusiastic leaner to strive for personal greatness. To nominate another is a huge compliment.

Becoming a Finalist

Being recognised as a finalist for an Award is a huge boost for your career presence. Add your Award Finalist recognition to your resume and professional bio. You’ve had a successful close call. Don’t lose hope, remember how much you have learned about yourself throughout the Awards process.

Award Interviews

Nerves and anxiety may not be in your day to day experiences, yet unlike a job interview, an Award interview is more personified and magnified. As long as you present yourself; well-groomed and appropriately dressed, you only have the interaction to focus on.

Ponder this: ‘I am the world expert on me and my experiences’. Answer questions with confidence; that you know your topic.

Take your time and remember, breathe. You will be surprised how much fun it is talking about yourself to listening ears.

Judging Award Nominations

Networking with associations, networks and committees bring many opportunities; one huge career boost is being asked to be a judge for an Awards Program. Judging Award recipients is one of the most insightful, inspirational and profoundly polarised experiences you can have.

Award Sponsor

Organisations sponsor Awards as a way of demonstrating support for the Award Program principles to a targeted audience. For example, a construction company would sponsor a women in construction Award to demonstrate their efforts to improve visibility of women and brand position themselves as women’s construction employer of choice.

Award Supporter

Being involved in an Awards process is a very exciting and apprehensive time. Many around them get swept up in their enthusiasm. Award recognition is a moment to celebrate with those around them.

Award Presenters

Presenting an Award is a unique way to present a short speech to convey a particular message to a captive and targeted audience.


Being awarded is recognition for being outstanding among your peers for designated attributes. Your recognition also gives others who have contributed to your accomplishments great pride. Others are pleased to share your recognition and say ‘job well done’.

Use your award to your advantage, make sure you update your online presence, include a photo of you receiving the award and make sure you update your resume and professional bio as being recognised for an award contributes to your professional credibility.