There are many scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia. They are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions, and a number of other public and private organisations.

Scholarships aren’t just awarded to students with a 4.0 GPA. Each scholarship has its own objective. Some scholarships are awarded based on need. For others you must be a member of an organisation, be studying a certain field, or fit whatever guidelines the group awarding the money decides upon. Regardless of whether you excel in academics, you should be able to find several scholarships that work for you. There are even scholarships intended for students & individuals living in a particular state or town, and you can continue to apply for scholarships during your high school years all the way up to Ph.D. level studies.

Now, there are so many types of scholarships, it helps to be abreast of the types, time ranges, amounts, and places to find them. The best way to begin seeking scholarships is to do your research. Although searching for scholarships takes a lot of time, it’s not an impossible feat. Read More...

Promotion of Industry Partner Scholarships

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ACPET offers a number of scholarships and grants to support further study and training. Contact your local state or territory government education authority for details. 

ACPET Scholarships
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The Wylie Trust Pursuit of Excellence Leadership and Mentoring Program has been developed to enable the ongoing development of plumbers and plumbing businesses. It also allows those actively involved in plumbing an opportunity to give back to the industry.

The Wylie Trust is an umbrella for the plumbing industry, creating opportunities for training as well as acknowledgment and recognition of skills, passion, commitment and business acumen.

The Wylie Trust acknowledges and assists plumbers who are keen to turn the dream of running a successful business into a reality by acknowledging their efforts through the Pursuit of Excellence Leadership and Mentoring Program.

Candidates from the Master Plumbers membership are selected by a panel of trustees and will undertake a nationally accredited management course and will be given the opportunity to continue their business educational program through a mentoring program.  The successful candidate will support the Association through participation in various committees and events and acting as a spokesperson.

Master Plumbers Scholarship
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NAWIC provides an International Women’s Day Scholarship. This is a research scholarship for women working in the construction industry. The award presents an opportunity to develop a research paper to be used as a positive instrument for change. This is a National Scholarship opportunity.

Certain NAWIC chapters have developed tailored scholarships for their respective States and Territories.

NAWIC ACT Website Link (Scholarship)

NAWIC NSW Website Link (Scholarships)

NAWIC VIC/TAS Website Link (Scholarships)
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The Mick Young Scholarships were first offered in 1997 to further the work of Mick Young, a shearer, and federal cabinet minister who raised funds to help students complete their education.

Mick Young was driven by the core belief that education creates opportunity, and has the capacity to change the lives of individuals, families and communities.

What began as a compassionate idea to provide, from his own pocket, scholarships to assist people doing it tough in his electorate of Port Adelaide, now stands as testimony to the egalitarian beliefs of one individual.

After Mick died in 1996, his colleagues and family decided to continue his work by creating the Mick Young Scholarships Trust. It became national in 1997 and has continued Mick's abiding belief in education as “a right, not a privilege." 

In all, a total of $1.7 million has been distributed to some 3,000 students.

Tafe Directors Australia Scholarships

Expanding career options for women - Scholarship Program application

​The State Government is encouraging women to take up non-traditional industries and trades and occupations where women currently make up less than 25 per cent of the total workforce.

Up to 400 scholarships - over four years - to the value of $3,000 each, will be available to women over the age of 18 who have left school and who undertake training at Certificate III level or above in eligible qualifications. There are up to 100 scholarships available for 2015.

This scholarship program is a joint initiative of the Department of Training and Workforce Development, the Department of Local Government and Communities and the Construction Training Fund.

Scholarships are available to women and employers planning to train in around 180 eligible qualifications, linked to non-traditional occupations.

For institutional training:

  • $3000 will be available for women planning to undertake a publicly funded institutional training course in an approved qualification.

For apprenticeships and traineeships:

  • $1000 will be available for women planning to undertake an approved apprenticeship or traineeship; and
  • their employers will receive a $2000 incentive payment.

These scholarships can be used to help with costs associated with training, including student fees, learning resources, mentoring, coaching, tools, equipment, accommodation, transport and childcare fees.

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