Marshall announces flexible apprenticeships policy for South Australian students

Steven Marshall MP

State Liberal Leader

Marshall announces flexible apprenticeships policy for South Australian students

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today announced a series of measures to give students greater flexibility to follow their career pathways and obtain better employment outcomes.

Currently, South Australian students who choose to pursue an apprenticeship before completing Stage 2 of their SACE certificate often fall short of completing that Certificate by as little as 20 points.

Many students also currently miss school lessons to undertake vocational training and must negotiate time-release from their SACE studies and organise to catch up on lessons missed.

The State Liberals believe that South Australian students should have better opportunities to study a trade AND finish high school.

That’s why under a Marshall Liberal Government, South Australian students will:

  • Be able to start a full-time apprenticeship earlier;
  • Complete their SACE outside of school;
  • Receive a full-time apprenticeship income while studying SACE modules;
  • Qualify for vocational vouchers on successful completion of Stage 1 SACE; and
  • Attend out of hours classes to complete Year 12.

Today’s announcement bolsters Mr Marshall’s Action Agenda on Education, adding to previous announcements on entrepreneurial education, an Education Ombudsman and greater levels of local school management.

“Our Education Action Agenda will result in a more flexible education system that not only responds to the needs of students, but the employment needs of South Australian businesses,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will make education meaningful and practical so that we can give students more practical study options and better employment outcomes.

“Students should not be penalised for beginning their career pathways early, as they are under the current Weatherill Labor Government system.

“With our Education Action Agenda a Marshall Liberal Government will have better priorities to get South Australia back on track.”

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