All power to an electric woman

LOCAL electrical apprentice Allyson Lowry is almost one of a kind. 

She was the first female apprentice ever to be employed at her company ANJ Electrical and last week was awarded a $15,000 scholarship, designed to support women working in a non-traditional trade. 

She said it was a “risk” for the company to take her on, but they have no regrets. 

“They’ve never done it before, but they’ve got high hopes for me,” Ms Lowry said. 

“There was a bit of pressure but I seem to be handling it well.”

“I’m not someone that gives up easily, I give it my best and they can see that.

“The guys I work with help me heaps – they teach me how to use the tools of the trade.” 

Her interest in electrics was sparked by talking with friends about their trades, and she knew it was something she wanted to try. 

She completed a Certificate II in electrotechnology and work experience at ANJ Electrical before starting her apprenticeship. 

“It’s different every day and it’s fun. You’re not sitting in an office and typing, it’s always hands-on.”

She said it was “very rare” to see women in male-dominated jobs such as building, plumbing and plastering. 

She said the scholarship would drastically help her financial situation – she is on apprentice wages, but will be given $5000 each year for the next three years. 

“It will be really helpful for all the tools I need to get as a tradeswoman,” she said. 

Her advice to young women who might be daunted by entering a male-dominated trade is to simply “go for it”. 

“It’s been the best choice of my life, I’ve enjoyed everything about it.”

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