City business woman awarded top honour

IPSWICH business owner Kaitlyn More is a woman building her name for herself in the male-dominated construction industry. 

BIG WIN: Kaitlyn Moore won a gong at this year’s National Association of Women in Construction Awards.

Ms Moore owns O'Connell Agencies, which specialises in supplying formwork, and established the Formworkers Association of Australia. As a testament to her success, she was recently recognised by the National Association of Women in Construction by winning the Corrs Chambers Westgarth Award for Diversity.

Ms Moore was celebrated for her commitment to encouraging diversity and succeeding in a male-dominated industry.

When she started her career in construction, Ms Moore said people were surprised to be dealing with a female, but that it made her a memorable figure.

"Initially I thought I was treated as a bit of a novelty," she said.

"However, when you actually prove you can supply and deliver, and you know what you're talking about, there's never been an issue since."

Kaitlyn Moore was a teenage mother before she purchased O'Connell Agencies, and took the opportunity in 2001 to manage a business.

The business started by importing and supplying Chinese formwork, before manufacturing the pieces in-house.

O'Connell Agencies has been helping construct moulds for construction around Queensland, but is also planning on expanding interstate. Ms Moore said she never intended to get into construction, but enjoys the security of the industry.

She also says women need to get more involved with design and infrastructure, and shouldn't neglect it as a career choice. "Buildings house members of society, and women are 50% of society."

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