The new myfuture web service is live!

Exciting news!

The new myfuture web service has gone live today. As Australia’s peak career development service, supports individuals of all ages to make career decisions, plan career pathways and manage work transitions.

The myfuture website has undergone extensive review, redesign and redevelopment. The result is a new myfuture that reflects what users want and provides the framework for a more responsive and dynamic web service. The many enhancements also make it easier to use.

Information, data, tools and resources are grouped for easy access. Sections correspond to stages of career exploration that will be of interest to particular user groups. For example, the Assist your child section is a dedicated portal for parents, the Change direction portal offers advice for people facing retrenchment or looking for new challenges, and the Getting started portal contains information for people who don’t know where to begin their career journey.

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Visit myfuture at

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