1 May 2015

NAWIC Awards for Excellence and Crystal Vision Awards

Welcome to the NAWIC Awards season!

Registrations for award nominations open / opening soon (depending on the state).

Why nominate someone for a NAWIC award?

As we know, appreciation is a fundamental human need. People respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their best efforts because it confirms their work is valued. When people feel their work is valued, satisfaction and productivity rises and we are more motivated to maintain or improve their good work. Praise and recognition are essential to building a constructive and innovative workplace. Another reason for nominating someone for an award is because it sets a person apart when interviewing for jobs or consideration in promotions. It is an indicator of a person who has put in extra efforts and could very well make the difference in who is offered the job. Depending on the award, it may also show resilience and courage traits. Recognition is incredibly important especially in turbulent times like we are currently experiencing, as many people are being forced to look for new opportunities whether they want to or not. Being an award nominee may just be the difference between being offered a new job or not. NAWIC has been a not-for-profit organisation for 20 years and a key aspect of our mandate is to recognise our women working in construction through our state and national awards. This is one of the ways we celebrate the rich diversity and talent in our industry and help retain women by reinforcing that the efforts of the awards nominees are valued.

So we encourage you to nominate someone who is deserving for a NAWIC award and made a difference. Perhaps by doing so you will make a positive difference to their career and livelihood. Please also join us in celebrating the achievements of women in our industry by attending one of our awards ceremonies (see below)

Please note that our awards submission process has been changed. Visit the NAWIC Awards website to see all the state award categories.

National Conference

On 15 May we are opening registrations for the National Conference. This is an opportunity not to to be miss! Keep abreast of the updates at #nawicaus and on the NAWIC website.





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30 April 2015


 QLDNT Awards Launch

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 National Workplace Wellness Symposium | Ozhelp 

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27 May 2015


 WA Awards Launch

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4 September 2015


 Crystal Vision Awards

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25 September 2015


 Awards for Excellence Dinner

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8-9 October 2015


 National Conference

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