NAWIC National Broadcast: May 2015

June 5 2015

Resilience - the story of the teaspoon!

As we continue to live in a fast paced and stressful society, the word “Resilience” comes up more and more. Many schools now are introducing the topic of resilience as early as Prep to help children deal with their challenges, friendship breakdowns, and day to day life stresses.

But as adults, who do we call upon? Have we learnt how to deal with resilience? Are we actively working on being more resilient?

At a recent NAWIC event in NT, a participant told a story about his own lack of resilience, which really surprised him. He said he is a “laid back kind of guy” but one particular day when things were not going well, he just “lost it”. So what made him snap? A simple task of making tea . . . . . he went to have a cuppa and couldn’t find a teaspoon in any of the drawers in the site shed kitchen. At that point he just came “undone”: so much so, the team now have boxes of teaspoons in their drawers “just in case!".

Although the team now identify this story as one of their pressure-relief valves, his meltdown, or lack of resilience bothered him and he has taken time to fully analyse the impact of his own actions. That day, his team had an insight into his level of resilience and helped him through the challenges . . . . . . it was a team effort. In the future, the team can work together to identify where each others resilience is lacking.

Did you know that resilience is one the NAWIC values?

At NAWIC we understand that our industry carries particular stresses. We want our members to understand that managing personal resilience is a continued process.

This is what we offer to our members to help build resilience:

  • Nationally, our programs are built around the inclusion of resilience
  • We continually publish information across our social media platforms that enforce resilience, providing valuable industry and professional skills to our members
  • Our networking events allow people to connect and in doing so, share personal experiences
  • We offer mentoring programs across some of our Chapters where members can openly address their personal challenges and seek advice to address them
  • At the 2015 NAWIC National Conference we have chosen to include “resilience” as one of our key topics for discussion. (A full conference program is coming out next week)

NAWIC is an organisation proud of our diverse and inclusive approach and extend our programs for all our members, whether they are female, male, young or more experienced, or from different backgrounds in order to Build a Better Future.

Australia is a nation of compassion. Courage and compassion. And the third of these great values: resilience. - Kevin Rudd

Resilience (from Wikipedia)

Resilience is not a rare ability; in reality, it is found in the average individual and it can be learned and developed by virtually anyone. Resilience should be considered a process, rather than a trait to be had. There is a common misconception that people who are resilient experience no negative emotions or thoughts and display optimism in all situations. Contrary to this misconception, the reality remains that resiliency is demonstrated within individuals who can effectively and relatively easily navigate their way around crises and utilize effective methods of coping. In other words, people who demonstrate resilience are people with positive emotionality; they are keen to effectively balance negative emotions with positive ones.

NAWIC Awards

Is one of your team performing exceptionally well – over and above expectations? Perhaps think about nominating them for a NAWIC Award!

Employees who report receiving recognition and praise within the last seven days show increased productivity, get highter scores from customers, and have better safety records. They're just more engaged at work. - Tom Rath

National Conference

Registrations for the National Conference are NOW OPEN.

On Monday 16 June we will be announcing the amazing line-up of speakers and facilitators who will be taking us on a journey of Building a Better Future over the two days at the National Conference. This is a hands-on, highly engaging and interactive conference which will be full of opportunities to network, engage with our counterparts, meet leaders and role models from across the industry, share stories, and work on empowering yourself and others. It is not a conference to miss.

Keep abreast of the updates at #nawicaus and on the NAWIC website, and National Conference website (Including all social media links)

Have a Question?

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For sponsorship enquiries please contact Veronica Robertson at Zadro agency +61 02 9212 7867

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National Journal

NAWIC is preparing a national journal to help celebrate our 20th year which will go to all of our members. Executive Media are putting together on our behalf and have been contacting our valued members to seek sponsorship and/or contributing content. We need your input and support to be able to successfully bring your stories to life. National Journal

For more information please contact: Max Graziosi, Executive Media

T: 61-3-9274 4229 M: 0410 789 669 E: W:

For any concerns or other questions please contact the NAWIC office

For more information please contact: Max Graziosi, Executive Media

T: 61-3-9274 4229 M: 0410 789 669 E: W:

For any concerns or other questions please contact the NAWIC office.

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NAWIC events and awards continue to work on reaching our vision of:  An equitable construction industry within which women fully participate.  Come join us and help us build a better future.





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