Team of women has supervised $447.5m redevelopment of Box Hill Hospital

CONSTRUCTION may traditionally have been seen as a “man’s world”, but not in the case of Box Hill Hospital’s $447.5 million redevelopment.
The new 10-storey clinical services building is being overseen by a team of female leaders, made up of project director Liz Maddison, project lead Allison Harle, senior project manager Nada Radovic and designer Sarah Wade.

Speaking to Leader, all four women agreed it was the first project they had been involved with where they worked with so many other female leaders.

“I’ve never worked in a team with so many females before,” Ms Wade said.

“The (male-female) dynamic has really shifted in the last 15 years.”

“We’re a really close team and we work very well together, which has been refreshing for me.”

Ms Harle, who is responsible for how the new building will function clinically, said there was a “lot of respect” between the team members.

Ms Maddison, who has more than 25 years of experience in the delivery of major hospital projects, said the number of women in the team was not the result of any affirmative action, but a reflection of the changing nature of the construction business.

“It’s just happened,” Ms Maddison said.

“My role is to make sure everybody is listening to everyone else.

“(Part of) the success of the project is understanding that while the objectives of all the stakeholders is different, they can also be compatible.”

Box Hill Hospital’s new clinical services building, located on Arnold St, is on track to be finished in mid-2014.

The 45m-tall building will connect to the west wing of the present hospital building via an atrium and four linkways
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