Women in TAFE and VET Leadership Summit 2015

Sydney | 18, 19 and 20 August - View the Online Agenda here
Melbourne | 25, 26 and 27 August - View the Online Agenda here

Liquid Learning is delighted to present the Women in TAFE and VET Leadership Summit 2015 - The premier leadership development event for aspiring female leaders working in TAFE, VET, Registered Training Organisations and Private Education Institutions.

View the Online Agendas for more information
Sydney | Melbourne
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About the Event


The TAFE and Vocational Education and Training space is a diverse landscape, encompassing a range of streams all rooted in different industries. Despite its varied nature and strong representation of women in the workforce, the VET sector still has a noticeable gender gap in the senior ranks. While some women have broken the glass ceiling and ascended to the top, a majority of top management positions are held exclusively by men.

In order to ascend the ranks to senior leadership positions, women must overcome obstacles and establish themselves as strong and capable leaders.

The Women in TAFE and VET Leadership Summit 2015 is designed to focus on the opportunities, rather than the obstacles, for women to progress their careers in the sector. The Summit will provide an exceptional platform for women to share their practical advice and guidance on the key skills required for effective leadership in the sector and navigating a path to success.

Inspirational case studies from successful senior women will equip aspiring leaders with the advice and strategies they need to reach their leadership potential. Focusing on building leadership capability and developing the key skills for success, the Summit will be a networking and professional development opportunity not to be missed.

View the Online Agendas for more information
Sydney | Melbourne

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Featured Speakers Include


Elizabeth McGregor 

Institute Director

Maria Peters

Chief Executive Officer 

Christine Warrington

Institute Director

Ann-Maree David

Chief Executive Officer

Who is Attending

Directors, executives, managers, teachers, trainers and leaders at all levels working for or with: 

  • • TAFE
  • • VET Institutions
  • • Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)
  • • Corporate Universities / Institutes
  • • Training Academies
  • • Apprenticeship Programs
  • • Industry Skills Centres / Programs

View the Online Agendas for more information
Sydney | Melbourne

Receive up to $100 off registration if you register and pay by 23 June 2015

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